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Wow it’s year 2020 ! Since 2007 we have been providing informative, entertaining, and successful night time MOOSE tours out of North Conway, New Hampshire. Also known as New Hampshire’s “Mount Washington Valley”. This Valley has been welcoming visitors for hundreds of years. For this company since 2007 has been gained the experience from having done now over 1400 Moose Safari Moose Tours thru New Hampshire’s White Mountain National Forest. A partial schedule is run from mid May until Columbus Day in October. Since our beginning, thousands and thousands of MOOSE viewings enjoyed and tens of thousands of customers made happy. We offer an experience found no where else.

Since 2019 a comfortable 33 seater step on, step off bus has been employed. It’s fully enclosed and air conditioned and set up with a TV so wildlife DVD’s are shown throughout each night. The DVD’s make this MOOSE Safari Moose Tour interesting and educational. The bus’s windows slide open for photo opportunities too with no need to disembark. Proud to say 2019 was a very memorable season with MOOSE seen on 83 out of 88 nights from May past Labor Day Weekend. Yep 83 out of 88 nights ! Pretty awesome ! Word spread quickly of our success. In 2019 we saw the most customers in this companys history. Moose seen plenty in September and October too. We look forward to making even more people happy in 2020. Our driver tries his best every night.

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So you're invited to make a reservation then ride on our 4 1/2 plus or minus hour night time MOOSE Tour. Again, we run a partial schedule late May until Columbus Day in October. We are a 2013 hru 2018 Certificate of Excellence Winner from TripAdvisor. We have a great reputation at lodging front desks throughout North Conway's Mount Washington Valley. Ask any of them. From the Train Station on Norcross Circle departure time is usually about 8:00PM to 8:30PM but can vary. So please, when making your reservation confirm the time you are to meet the bus so you don't arrive at the station too early.

To start this Moose Safari Moose Tour an informative movie about New Hampshire MOOSE is shown. Most find it to be excellent. Some nights an actual MOOSE is seen while the movie is playing. That makes for a good night for all and takes the pressure off the driver early! At some point there's a bathroom stop where refreshments are available then the tour continues. Between MOOSE "hot spots" more DVDs are played, including a 15 min Black Bear documentary. Many people like Black Bears too. Then MOOSE are searched for. Next a slide show of HD MOOSE photos is played. Photos were taken on this Tour and it also features the classic song by the Shaw Brothers “New Hampshire Naturally". More MOOSE are searched for then the night ends with another 25 minute MOOSE DVD for the ride back to North Conway. So nearly 90 minutes of MOOSE DVD entertainment is included each night.

We have a darn good success rate because we have over 4000 hours of experience driving in "MOOSE Country" seeking MOOSE. We are able to seek, see and view MOOSE after dark because our MOOSE bus is allowed to use floodlights and spot lights to seek and see MOOSE at night. It's attempted to have this adventure enjoyable to MOOSE seekers of all ages, children and adults. Most will agree it is. Everyone is invited to disembark the bus when possible and getting off the bus is most common in the summer months. We update our Facebook Page often.. Check it out directly from here.

Please know the MOOSE we seek to see at night are wild animals and are unpredictable. On every tour we put our experience to work and try our best in the time allowed to have everyone return having seen MOOSE. On every tour it's attempted for all aboard to have an informative, fun, enjoyable and safe experience... and return saying "We saw MOOSE!" So make plans to have this night time MOOSE tour be part of your North Conway White Mountains vacation experience and enjoy a night of MOOSE entertainment.

MWV Moose Bus tours travels past the Willey House, the Mt. Washington Hotel on the way to view moose in Crawford Notch State Park in New Hampshire

Please understand that MOOSE are wild animals and are unpredicatable
and that makes every tour different.

So mid-May to Labor Day plans to have this
evening MOOSE tour be part of your
North Conway White Mountains vacation experience
and enjoy a night of MOOSE entertainment!

Tour Video... watch the movie on the right or click to view
Larger Movie and other
Moose Tour videos

We look forward to meeting
you soon - and to sharing
with you a true
White Mountains' adventure!


Two Moose

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